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On the southern slopes of the Urals, on the border of Europe and Asia is of Bashkortostan – a wonderful region, the country of thousands of lakes and crystal clear rivers, mountain ranges and subsoil, emerald forests and vast steppes, springs and unique honey. Like the wealth and natural beauty, diverse and original culture of Bashkortostan. The National Symphony Orchestra of the Republic of Bashkortostan – a striking phenomenon diverse culture of Bashkortostan and Russia. The orchestra was founded in Ufa – the capital of Bashkortostan in 1992 on the basis of the talented graduates of musical universities of Ufa, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg. In 1996 the orchestra received the status of state institutions of culture and the arts. By its composition corresponds to the European standard of the orchestra: in the state of 100 professional musicians and experienced performers, successfully embodying diverse creative ideas. The orchestra from the first days came into the musical life of Russia as a concert team largely determines the success of the domestic professional music. Hundreds of concerts in Ufa and Republic of Bashkortostan, Russian cities (Moscow, Kazan, Orenburg, and so on. D.), The brilliant foreign tour in Tunisia (1997, 2004, 2008), Spain (2004), Switzerland (2009) are the result of everyday work team .

The last decade – a period of creative rise and prosperity of Belarus VAT. It formed a huge repertoire, which includes works by both world classics and large-scale paintings of Russian and Bashkir composers of XX-XXI centuries. The annual festival “Christmas meetings”, the All-Russian festival of symphonic and choral music, concert evenings cycles “Young stars of Bashkortostan”, “Kaleidoscope holiday”, “heights of excellence” are an ornament of the musical life of Bashkortostan and Russia.

The great success with the audience enjoyed symphony tickets “Europe music”, “Lifeline,” “The Seasons.” Every year, the orchestra performs concerts at many venues in the city of Ufa, as well as houses of creativity, children’s and secondary music schools. Among the good deeds of the orchestra – constant communication with the students of the younger generation. Each year the team is conducting a series of concerts “orchestra – children and youth.” During this time, the same students were pupils of orphanages and boarding schools, students of secondary school and music school.

VAT RB belongs the honor of the first performance of works by Bashkir composers – Gaziza Almuhametova, Hussain and Murad Akhmetov Rauf Murtazin, Zagir and Leila Ismagilov, Aisylu and Salavat Salmanovyh, Daniel and Azamat Khasanshin, Salavat Nizametdinova, Ayrat Kubagusheva Valeria Skobёlkina, Dilara Gabitova, Andrew Berezovsky et al. successfully performed at the Festival Orchestra music composers of the Volga region, the Urals and Komi Republic, conducted by the Union of Composers of Russia, performing premieres of works by composers of Tatarstan, Chuvashia, Mordovia, Mari El, Udmurtia, Komi. Bright page in the musical life of Bashkortostan became a festival of national professional music “Legacy” (2005) and the Jubilee Congress of Composers of Bashkortostan (2009), which were filled with the best pages of the national symphonic music of the past and the present. His high status and professionalism of the orchestra in 2003, confirmed the participation in the two programs in Moscow at the All-Russian radio “Orpheus” and at the I All-Russian competition of orchestras in Russia, where the diploma was awarded.

With the orchestra collaborated leading creative teams, including the Russian State Academic Choir named after A. Yurlov State Academic Choir of the Republic of Bashkortostan, the leading soloists of the Bashkir State Opera and Ballet Theatre. At different times with the orchestra played folk artists of the USSR Irina Arkhipova, Nikolai Petrov, Elena Obraztsova (Moscow), National Artist of Russia Yuri Loev, Daniel Kramer, Vladimir Ovchinnikov (Moscow), Sergey Stadler (St. Petersburg), Alexander Knyazev, Earl Murzha ( Moscow), Alexander Shtarkman, Janet Sung, (USA), People’s Artist of the Republic of Tajikistan Albina Shagimuratova, People’s Artists of the Republic of Belarus, Askar and Ildar Abdrazakov and many other stars of the world of performing arts. The bright pages in the history of VAT RB – concerts with the best foreign and domestic Maestro, including John Dodson, Winston Vogel (USA), Alexander Vakulsky (Netherlands), Victor Bockman (Switzerland), Anatoly touchstone (Yaroslavl), Oleg Burakou (Orenburg) and etc.

Tours have become an important part of the NSO of Belarus, his patriotic and civic mission. When the full house staff took a tour in the metropolitan concert halls of Moscow – in the Big and the Small Hall of the Moscow Conservatory, Concert Hall “Russia”. Programs orchestra has repeatedly entered the Moscow State Philharmonic tickets. In September 2011, the NSO of Belarus performed at a concert in the framework of the Days of Culture of the Republic of Bashkortostan in the Republic of Tatarstan (Kazan), in October this year – at the I Festival of Arts Volga Federal District “Open Volga Region” (Moscow). In April 2012, the NSO of Belarus took part in the gala concert of masters of arts in the Days of the Republic of Bashkortostan in Moscow at the Moscow International House of Music. In December 2012, the orchestra performed a Christmas concert organized by the Charitable Foundation “Marhamat” with the People’s Artist of the Republic of Bashkortostan Ildar Abdrazakov. VAT RB accompanied the finalists in the open competition of musicians named. N. Sabitova and International competition of musicians named. Z. Ismagilov.

In September 2013 the first time in Ufa VAT RB performed a grand concert in the format of open air “Born in the Republic of Bashkortostan.” The amphitheater of the Congress Hall, one of the most beautiful places of the capital, has collected more than seven thousand people. The project was awarded the Grant of the President of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Musicians glorifying Bashkortostan beyond, cellist Rustem Khamidullin (Germany), brothers of Genghis and Iskandeor Hannanova (Switzerland), pianist Andrew Parfenov (Germany), clarinetist Arthur Naziullin (Moscow), goboistka Lyudmila Mikhailova (Switzerland), opera singer Julia Sukmanova ( Germany), alpha Karimov (Kazakhstan), Ilham Valiyev (Yekaterinburg), kurai player Robert Yuldashev (Ufa), jazz musician Oleg Kireev (Moscow) more than three hours of joy to the audience the performance of various music styles – from baroque to jazz.

Throughout its history, the National Symphony Orchestra has become one of the leading symphony orchestras of Russia and on the right is the hallmark of the musical art of Bashkortostan in our country and abroad. Proof of this are the constant sold out, fans love, the musical public interest in the orchestra.

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