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Chamber orchestra “Bashkortostan”

Камерный оркестр

Камерный оркестр”Башкирия” – 1991 год.

Chamber Orchestra “Bashkiria” was established in August 1989 a talented cellist and conductor Alexei Kalachev. Educated in Krasnoyarsk among the great musicians, he later took the best traditions of the Leningrad and Moscow schools. At first the orchestra entered Rustem Cirdan, Bulat Abdulbaneev Boris Ulanovskii, Lily Bogomolov, Oleg Whistlers, Eugene Schmidt Flyura Sitdikova Lena Samoilov, Vladimir Bakulin, Andrew Rodigin, Mr Knaus, Aurica Knaus, Mark Afanasyev Mikhail Tsimbalenko. The result of educational work team began recording a vinyl disc of early music of the Baroque era. In 1991, the violinist Dmitry Nevolin creates the second part of the Chamber Orchestra “Bashkiria”, where he was concertmaster and conductor. In 1994 the Chamber Orchestra “Bashkiria” ceased to exist.

In January 2011, the Chamber Orchestra “Bashkiria” was revived. Today the orchestra is actively speaking at various concert venues in the Republic. In 2012, the team opens its own ticket. The names of composers, friends since childhood, and their delicious masterpieces of the chamber music concert will be a bright ornament season NSO RB!

Камерный оркестр

Камерный оркестр “Башкирия” – 2012 год.

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